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Weaponized Migration

Title 42 has been lifted and our country is in crisis. In the past few years alone, massive child traffic operations involving the federal government and migrant charities have been exposed. During which time, the Biden administration exempted unaccompanied minor children from being deported. The cost of housing and feeding men, women and children, who have illegally migrated to the United States, is significantly taxing on an already struggling economy. However taboo or right wing extremist to mention, there has also been an egregious uptick in crime.

This is not the first time we’ve seen this kind of human exploitation. Weaponized migration is used to achieve economic, political, and military objectives. We saw this tactic implemented in 2016 when the European Union made a deal to pay Turkey billions of dollars to keep Syrian asylum-seekers from crossing over their land. Turkey found a way to manipulate a Civil War they themselves were involved in to make billions.

China has surpassed the European Union as the second largest trading partner with Latin America. In 2014, the massive spike in illegal migration came primarily out of the northern triangle countries, which happen to have the strongest ties with China. In addition to these Latin countries, reports of migrants from African allied countries are also sweeping the border.

If that isn’t enough for concern, Panamanian government data shows as of January 2023, 913 Chinese nationals crossed through and were processed in the Darien Gap, making them the fourth-largest group of migrants to do so this year. And in the past 5 days alone, 531 Chinese have been placed in custody, 258 of those Chinese are 18-40 years old single males. According to sources, these Chinese citizens are showing up with a significant amount of cash and passports that are not easy to obtain in China.

If we are able to obtain this information, undoubtedly the US government has it as well. With the recent discoveries of Chinese police stations in the US and concern over Chinese owned US land, why is the United States government not securing our borders?

We have known along with our adversaries that direct military confrontation against the US would not result in success for opposition. Senior military advisors of the communist Chinese have openly admitted that the only way for China to defeat the US is by deploying multiple levels of unconventional warfare.

We are being attacked at every level. This is not only a humanitarian crisis. This is war.

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