Welcome to the Skiba News Nation website, which is a compliment to our weekly Skiba News Nation YouTube broadcast, hosted by Jeremiah Skiba (son of Rob Skiba) and co-host Jake Grant, which provides key insights on current news, controversial topics, covered-up conspiracies, and forgotten history.

Skiba News Nation is one of the key ways Jeremiah is carrying the torch for his father, Rob Skiba, who died after 40 days in a hospital at the hands of “medical experts” whose sole focus appeared to have been following a set of “protocols for profit” that led to Rob’s untimely death as noted here.

Never Got to Say Goodbye

Jeremiah Skiba recently published a compelling yet heartbreaking account of how he was adopted by Rob Skiba, spent 14 years as Rob’s son, and then lost his new father to the misdeeds of the medical industrial complex, in his new book Never Got to Say Goodbye.

Sheila Skiba—Jeremiah’s mother and Rob Skiba’s widow—is in the midst of writing her own first-hand account of the 40 days of terror she and her family experienced at the hand of a system that completely denied Rob of his “patient rights” and denied her rights as his Medical Power of Attorney, and you can sign here up to be notified when her book is hot off the press.

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