Jeremiah Skiba & Sheila Skiba’s Personal Stories

In Never Got to Say Goodbye you’ll read Jeremiah’s first-hand account of how as a young man, who grew up with an absentee father, he first met Rob Skiba—a world-renowned and highly-respected researcher, speaker, and author.

Go on Jeremiah’s life’s journey with him as you get an up-close and personal view of the man (Rob Skiba) who later married his mother, Sheila, and adopted Jeremiah as his own son as you enjoy never before seen photos of the Skiba family.

Cry with Jeramiah as you learn that—in Jeremiah’s opinion—Rob Skiba suffered a needless, untimely death at the hands of a tyrannical and heartless medical establishment that forced on Rob their deadly and unbending hospital “protocols.”

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— Reviews —

I read this book tonight and it really gave me some closure I was needing. I am so sorry that after years of praying for a father your prayers were finally answered by giving you one of the best fathers anyone could ever have, and then he was cruelly taken away from you. I cried all over again thinking about how much I miss your father, a man I never met but who was a friend. I couldn't even imagine how much you and your mum must miss him, and I am praying for justice to be served. This won't bring him back, but it will certainly go a long way toward holding those responsible for his death to account.  
Jacqui W.

My wife and I have been blessed by Rob Skiba's insightful teachings for years, and when we had the privilege of meeting him and his wife Sheila in person we were impressed by their down-to-earth nature and sincere love of the Lord. Rob's tragic passing seemed to rip a hole in the fabric of time and space for us, and reading Jeremiah's heart wrenching story brought tears to my eyes several times as I learned even more about the man we had so long admired. I'm so glad Jeremiah has decided to carry on his father's legacy of continually searching for the truth.
Allen S.

Join Us in The Search for Justice

Join Jeremiah and his mother, Sheila, their search for justice for Rob Skiba—and for everyone who is being mistreated by a tyrannical, heartless, unbending medical system that is focused on “protocols for profit” at the expense of the health and the lives of those who trust the “establishment” with caring for their health. Learn more here!

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Sheila Skiba—Jeremiah’s mother and Rob Skiba’s widow—is in the midst of writing her own first-hand account of the 40 days of terror she and her family experienced as Rob suffered and died due to a government-incentivized “protocol that kills.”

Her book will provide you with a raw, up-close-and-personal look at how patients’ and their advocates’ rights are being violated by heartless doctors and nurses who believe they have total immunity from any form of prosecution for their actions because they are protected by federal and state laws that make it impossible to get a judgment against them as long as they follow “the protocol.” Learn more and sign up to be notified when it is available at

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