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We have seen, in just the past few years, a plethora of plagues in this nation. Our military has avulsed and extorted some of our finest men and women under medical tyranny and has been weakened and contaminated by the woke agenda. While Russia and China still value masculinity, we are lowering our entry standards into some of our most top-tier military forces for the sake of inclusivity. The aggressive pandemic lockdowns left our food supply chain impuissant and we continue to struggle with the slew of food processing plant fires and the culling of millions of poultry. Most recently, we have been faced with the phenomenon of train derailments and chemical spills that threaten not only our environment but potentially the lives of millions. In less than a decade, the frequency of cyber-attacks and attacks on healthcare systems has more than doubled. The sovereignty of American territory is being attacked, leaving us susceptible to foreign assailants and economic damage. Our financial stability continues to plummet as we fund proxy wars ignoring our own vulnerability. Are all these circumstances a coincidence or perhaps a series of unfortunate luck? Are they all merely a result of incompetence and or greed?

Let’s remember the infamous quote of Winston Churchhill, reiterated by Rahm Emanual after the September 11th attacks, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” While greed and incompetence undoubtedly play a role, let’s remember that evils like big pharma and Bill Gates are just participants. They are not the end game. 

Western democracies inherently think in two to four-year terms. This is mainly in part due to our elections. We are quick-fix societies and in general, have difficulty with endurance for the long term. We have been socially divided, stripped of our traditions, and indoctrinated with the disease of self. We typically find it difficult to see past our own self-created crises. Our adversaries, however, plan and operate in decades and even centuries if they have to. They are not burdened with the need for creating quick tangible results and as a society tend to be rich in tradition and have a lower tolerance for self-pity. Thus, their warfare consists of slow strategic moves, affecting every facet of our political, social, military, and economic well-being. You cannot carry out a full scale attack on American soil. So how do you attack the world’s greatest financial and military power? Without them ever knowing you’ve done it. While the U.S. continues to deteriorate, China has made imperial financial moves through BRICKS that threatens to end the petro dollar and western global financial dominance. China has been carefully cultivating strategic relationships in Central America that not only puts the U.S. at risk of losing decades of democratic progress but places China right at our border. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see a point where the U.S. is in a state of collapse financially, environmentally, militarily,and socially, that our current administration would allow and ask for international help and that international help would become an international occupation. How many Americans would welcome it with open arms and gratitude? “Never let a good crisis go to waste”… With America out of the way, the new order could usher in under the guise of a savior.

By Hels Sciandra

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